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Can MLB analytic mind Paul DePodesta turn around the Cleveland Browns?

I thought I read the headline wrong. Obviously, it was a typo and the New York Mets VP of Player Development Paul DePodesta was heading back to his roots and signed on with the Cleveland Indians. It makes sense, the Indians are a team that needs help with their farm system, and DePodesta has shown he can do that.

It was no typo. He is heading to the NFL in attempts to rebuild one of the sorriest franchises in the game’s history.

Keep reading for more on the interesting move by the Browns.

Who is the NFL’s worst team?

As he season winds down, we are paying ever so close attention to the NFL playoff race. Tonight’s game, for example, has huge implications. A Cincinnati Bengals win gives Kansas City the driver’s seat to the AFC West, clinches the AFC South for the Houston Texans and ties the Bengals with the Patriots for the best record in the AFC. One game. That’s a lot of responsibility on the Bengals.

But what about the other end of the spectrum? Which team came through this season and showed that they really are the NFL’s worst team?

Keep reading to see who is the bottom dweller of the NFL.

The Cleveland Browns and the Johnny Manziel crisis

There are two types of bad football. One is just the straight up, blatant stupidity that the New York Giants have shown us constantly in the fourth quarter throughout this 2015 season. It is a breakdown in an old coach that can’t transform and an “elite” quarterback that has rode the coat tails of his daddy and big brother — and a few lucky catches — long enough.

The second is just plain old stubbornness. Mike Pettine certainly lost the clubhouse in the dumpster fire that is the Cleveland Browns yesterday, but he also may have lost a job.

3 takeaways from the Browns implosion yesterday

The WN Fantasy Football Report: Time to cash in on Johnny Football?

The Cleveland Browns are 2-8. Their season has gone into the toilet bowl as they sit at 2-8. Despite a solid season by Josh McCown, head coach Mike Pettine has made the choice to go with Johnny Manziel for the rest of the season. While I think it is the right choice for the Browns, what does it mean for your fantasy team down the stretch?

Do you put your season in the hands of Johnny Football?

Johnny Manziel and the Cleveland Browns in today’s random thoughts

I won’t — and haven’t really ¬†ever — hide the fact that I have never been a huge fan of Johnny Manziel. It started way back to when my Houston Texans had the first draft pick, and he started — well, being Johnny Football. This little quarterback with the big ego that could never stop running his mouth and was seemingly always hamming it up in the spotlight.

I was hoping he would fall flat on his face last night. I was hoping that I would be able to wake up this morning and tell you he was simply the worst quarterback I had ever seen. Once again, Johnny Football did the unexpected.

Was Manziel all bad last night? Keep reading to find out!