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The NFL Playoffs reach a new low with the Pittsburgh Steelers/Cincinnati Bengals fight… I mean game

The NFL Playoffs reached new lows on Saturday when the nation had to endure Brian Hoyer leading my Houston Texans down the proverbial throne and ending a magical season. It was a season that saw the Texans fight back, but their immeasurable success had little if anything to do with Hoyer. He was the goat — not the GOAT — and hopefully took his last snap in Texans gear.

Thankfully, we have Vontaze Burfict, Marvin Lewis and Adam┬áJones who made the nation forget just how bad Hoyer’s performance was.

Read on about the disgrace known as the Bengals

The New England Patriots and the NFL’s undefeateds in today’s random thoughts

We learned a lot this weekend in the NFL. One thing we learned is that the once vaunted Baltimore Ravens defense is not what they used to be, even on their home turf. We already knew, but were unfortunately reminded, that Jamaal Charles is paper thin. Oh, and we also learned that no matter how much you make fun of Joe Flacco‘s contract, Matthew Stafford is getting benched while making his ludicrous amount of money. The Lions are in bad shape, and Stafford appears to be in a serious decline.

We also learned that there are some really, really good teams in the NFL this season. Six teams remained undefeated after this weekend. Which of the six are going to be there come January when the playoffs start?

Which undefeateds are for real? Keep reading to find out!