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Who is the worst team in the NFL?

Last week, we took a look at the eight undefeated teams and how they fared. Only five remain and in regards to the best of the bunch, I think the New England Patriots, Denver Broncos and Minnesota Vikings proved they have the cogs to make big runs this year. Heck, the Patriots keep winning with John Doe behind center, they may never lose a game.

Well what about the other side of the spectrum? Who is the worst team in the NFL?

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Countdown to Super Bowl 50: The Super Bowl Shuffle

We began to take a daily look at some Super Bowl memories yesterday. I opened the series that will lead right up to Super Bowl 50 with my earliest Super Bowl memory: losing my first bets of my gambling career to Marcus Allen.

Today, we skip over the next Super Bowl, although it was a dandy. It featured two of the top ten quarterbacks of all time as Joe Montana took down this young upstart quarterback named Dan Marino in what would be his only shot at Super Bowl glory in one of the most amazing careers in NFL history.

But that Super Bowl had nothing on 1985. It was the Super Bowl that the Chicago Bears became the ultimate hype machine.

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