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The NCAA National Championship: quick thoughts

I woke up this morning and still couldn’t believe what I watched. It was riveting, exciting and arguably the single best college football championship game of my lifetime. It’s at least up there, but man, what a game.

It took 59:59 for the victor to be decided (minus the three-hour referee conference on deciding how to play out the final second, but how about those now legendary guns on Referee McBiceps). At the end of the day, Hunter Renfrow saw his draft stock soar up the charts, as early rumors were Deshaun Watson had a Cleveland Browns jersey awaiting him in his locker after the game (DISCLAIMER: that’s fake news people, I made it up. Please don’t quote me on the Intraweb).

A few last quick hits on college football 2016-17.


Happy New Year from Wayniac Nation! It’s hard to believe that just one year ago yesterday, the Nation was born. It all started with my stark raving mad rant about MLB’s Hall of Fame, their voting process (or lack thereof) and Greg Maddux (you can relive the memory right —-> HERE). This year, 2015 started off with a bang in college football.

More ahead on the NCAA Playoffs

The Wacky Week in Sports

Welcome to December, folks. December is a big month for sports geeks like you and I. This coming weekend kicks off the winter meetings in baseball. The NFL is heading down its home stretch and the playoff race is currently closer than ever. It’s also championship week in college football. And the NBA and NHL somehow steal ratings here and there in between!

Continue on to all that was wacky!