The Wacky Week in Sports

Welcome to December, folks. December is a big month for sports geeks like you and I. This coming weekend kicks off the winter meetings in baseball. The NFL is heading down its home stretch and the playoff race is currently closer than ever. It’s also championship week in college football. And the NBA and NHL somehow steal ratings here and there in between!

What a weekend for college football. It started Friday night when then undefeated Marshall racked up 66 points against Western Kentucky… and lost! That’s right, the Thundering Herd lost their undefeated season 67-66 in overtime. Marshall’s Rakeem Cato’s amazing day at quarterback (417 yards and 7 touchdowns) played second fiddle to the Hilltoppers Brandon Doughty and his 491 yards and 8 touchdowns.

The Nerds rose triumphant in The Clean, Old-Fasioned Hate Game in Athens. The Battle for Georgia was a fantastic and exciting game that saw Georgia give away every opportunity to put away the Jackets, but the Ner— I’m sorry, Ramblin’ Wreck — would not relent. Tech QB Justin Thomas gave a Reggie Ball performance, nearly choking away the game on a costly fumble in the waning moments, but bad clock management by the Dawgs allowed Tech’s kicker, BUTKER (hehehe) to kick the game-tying 53-yard field goal and win in overtime.

The Iron Bowl proved one thing. Nick Saban is the best coach in the land. When Alabama is stuck in a defensive battle like they were against LSU earlier this season, the Tide play clamp-down defense. When they need to lead an all-out assault in an offensive slugfest, they find away to drop 55 points. The Tide are the best team in the country and Amari Cooper is silly good. He went off for 224 yards and three touchdowns in their biggest game of the season.

FSU was able to hold off an inspired Gator team playing for Will Muschamp. The Gators had their chances, but just as they have all season, the Seminoles found a way to win. That is what a champion does, especially one that hasn’t lost in 27-straight games. The ACC Championship will be interesting. They can’t play around and have to come from behind against the Yellow Jackets. Once this Tech team gets a lead, their running game and clock control make it very hard to come back against. I think Tech may very well take the ACC.

Denver Broncos v Houston Texans


Yea, I’m biased. But if you don’t think J.J. Watt is the best player in the NFL, you are out of your mind. This week, Ryan Fitzpatrick reclaimed his starting QB spot going off for 358 yards and 6 touchdowns. Two of those touchdowns went to sophomore sensation DeAndre Hopkins in his 238-yard, 2 touch day. But the last touchdown went to defensive end Justin James Watt, his third touchdown of the season as a tight end, and fifth touchdown overall. The dude is an absolute beast and the bottom line is, whether it’s offense or defense, if Watt is on the field, he is the most exciting player to watch.

Thanksgiving was an interesting day, huh? The Eagles staked their claim on the NFC East, embarrassing Tony Romo in Big D. It was a balanced, all-out onslaught as LeSean McCoy looked like the Shady of old, leading the Eagles to 33-10 victory. Megatron returned to form, going off for 146 and two touchdowns in the Lions 34-17 victory. And the Seahawks looked like the team that won last year’s Super Bowl. Richard Sherman picked off two passes and gave the Legion of Boom their swagger back as they totally dismantled Colin Kapernick and the 49ers. The NFC better watch out because the Seahawks look ready to fly again.

If Sunday in Lambeau was a Super Bowl preview, I can’t wait for the first week in February. Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson were able to eke out a 26-21 victory over Tom Brady and Brandon LaFell‘s Patriots. It was a game with solid defense and exciting offensive plays. These are clearly two of the best teams in football and we would be lucky to see Belichick’s boys have a rematch.

The Chiefs little run seems to be over as well. After being the answer to the trivia question Who were the suckers that lost to the Raiders?, they were beaten by Peyton Manning and the Broncos. C.J. Anderson (seriously, greatest name ever: C.J. Parker+Pamela Anderson?) is a amazing. The once 4th-string running back has reeled off back-to-back games amassing over 160 yards on the ground. Is Mike Shanahan back in Denver?


Does Billy Beane still watch baseball? Trading Josh Donaldson isn’t outlandish, but trading him for Brett Lawrie and three who the hell are theys doesn’t make sense. Donaldson was one of the top third baseman in the AL and now he gets to go to homer happy Toronto to become even better. Lawrie can’t stay on the field and when he does, the one-time future of the Blue Jays stinks. I’m sure three years down the road, the three minor leaguers will be starting for the As as they reel off 95 wins only to lose in the first round of the playoffs, but right now, this trade is confusing.

If you didn’t have enough reason to loathe baseball’s biggest baby, Bryce Harper, now you do. He is going after the Nationals to become arbitration eligible a year early so he can steal more of their money. Remember when he came up and was supposed to be the NL’s answer to Mike Trout? This guy is half of Trout. He gets hurt every year and puts up average numbers at best. This kid has some balls trying to squeeze out more money when he hasn’t performed for the amount he has gotten thus far. Then again, the devil of all agents Scott Boras is behind it all.

Photo courtesy of the NY Post
Photo courtesy of the NY Post

I was a Devils fan growing up, and it looks like I am about to witness the saddest thing I ever have in hockey. It appears that Martin Brodeur is close to signing a contract with the St. Louis Blues and could be in net as early as Thursday. It will suck to see the all-time win leader and 3-tie Stanley Cup champion in another uniform and make it even harder for me to give a crap about the NHL. At least the Devils resigned Scott Gomez… who I thought retired 5 years ago.

In college hoops, the ACC-Bg Ten challenge kicks off this week which is always an exiting time. I am personally excited that there is a 2013 Final Four rematch between my Syracuse Orange and the Michigan Wolverines. I am also excited that the reigning champion UConn Huskies were bounced from the Top 25 this week. Screw them.

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