NFL ridiculously early predictions: projecting the Green Bay Packers Season

(Note from Wayniac Nation regular contributor Dunton: So I have created a monster. My 9-year old daughter has become an avid fan of the Green Bay Packers. I can’t be mad at her for liking the Packers, they are a classy organization. She found out that Wayne (Texans of course), myself (Bucs) and others were making predictions for how our favorite NFL teams would fare this fall. So here are her predictions, I only helped with spelling and some grammar. Wayne did some minor editing but these are her words. I am especially fond of the Week 8 prediction when she realized it was right around Halloween. So here you go, remember she loves the Packers and is nine (almost 10).)

Week 1: At Jacksonville-I think the Packers got this game. The Jaguars are an up and coming team but still not on the level of Aaron Rodgers and the Pack. With a healthy (fingers crossed) Jordy Nelson and a fit Eddie Lacy Week 1 will show the league what could be in store for them. Win.

Week 2: Vikings opening a new stadium and the prime time slot. Tough for Pack to win this game with all of the hype surrounding the opening of US Bank Stadium. I’ll give the Vikings the home field advantage in this one but it’s close.

Week 3: Home against Detroit. Home opener and a division game on top of that. We don’t go 0-2 in the division. Going into a way too early bye at 2-1.

Week 4: Bye

Week 5: Coming off of a bye Eli and Odell come to Lambeau. It’s the SNF showcase game. This game will be the first real challenge for the Packers (hopefully) improved Secondary. If they can shut down Odell we are off to a 3-1 start. It’s close but the Lambeau home field advantage helps.

Week 6: Tony Romo and his new RB toy come to Lambeau. Dez needs to fully complete a catch to score a TD but doesn’t get the chance. Another close game but the Pack pull this one out to move to 4-1.

Week 7: Four home games in a row. Short week with this being a Thursday night game. Bears are improving but not fast enough to catch the Packers. Think it is going to be a close one but the Pack is hopefully going to pull it off and go to 5-1.

Week 8: At Falcons. The Falcons come in scary but the Packers come in scarier. The Falcons do have the sweet advantage of playing at home but the Pack has the sweeter chance of winning a close one. Packers have come out of the haunted house alive and go to 6-1.

Week 9: Colts come to Lambeau. I think this is one of the easiest yet. Colts will be more like sholts (shaggy dogs for those that don’t know that).  Packers will blow this team off their feet and out of Lambeau.  Still going strong 7-1.

Week 10: I think that the Packers will blow the Titans out. I mean the Titans may have the advantage of playing at home but the Packers will still knock out the young Titans. Maybe another year but not this year.  The Packers will go to 8-1.

Week 11: I think the Packers have to stumble somewhere and this is a perfect spot. The Redskins have the upper hand because they are playing at their stadium. I think this will make us go to 8-2. Your welcome Uncle Drew and Uncle Benny (both Skins fans)

Week 12: At Philadelphia. The rookie QB may be playing by this point to get some real game time work.I think the Pack take this one with ease after the tough road loss to Washington. Eagles have no answer for Pack. Back on the right track at 9-2

Week 13: This one is going easy peasy lemon squeasy. Texans will be easy and of course JJ Watt is tough to block but he doesn’t play offense too, well at least not all the time. Sorry to my editor but I am sticking to my gut. Now it is 10-2.

Week 14: Home vs. Seattle. I think were gone in this one. Seattle finally comes to Lambeau and gets their much needed victory. Seahawks you win this round, but we may see you again in a few weeks. 10-3

Week 15: On the road in Chicago. Jay Cutler is probably hurt by this time of the season. It’s go time to win the NFC Central over the next three weeks. Starts here. We take this one. 11-3

Week 16: Vikings at home. We take this one to make up for the early loss in Week 2. Vikings may have a lot to pay for but we are playing for home field advantage. We go to 12-3.

Week 17: This game is ours. The Packers will totally beat the Lions even if they are home. This could mean home field throughout playoffs. Aaron only needs a half to guarantee the bye and the road to the Super Bowl going through Lambeau. We finish 13-3.

2 thoughts on “NFL ridiculously early predictions: projecting the Green Bay Packers Season”

  1. This girl really knows her stuff. (And, I would say that even if I wasn’t her mother.) Nice job, sweetie!

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