Countdown to Super Bowl 50: We made it!

It’s finally here! Super Bowl Sunday. Two weeks ago today we started our Countdown to Super Bowl 50 series, bringing you a more personal look at the memories myself and our writers had of the games as opposed straight recaps you can find almost anywhere else.

So, as you ready to down a few cocktails, eat a few 100 wings and watch some of the best commercials of the year, get caught up with the Countdown series below.

The complete Countdown to Super Bowl 50 series (click on which “Part” you like and it will take you right to it!):

Part I: Marcus Allen runs amok and I lose my first bet of my life at 9-years old.

Part II: The came, they saw, they did the Super Bowl Shuffle. Jim McMahon and The Fridge make the first NFL hype machine.

Part III: Phil Simms leads the Big Blue Wrecking Crew to history.

Part IV: Eugene Robinson celebrates Gary Anderson‘s first miss with a hooker party. Nomikos Duvlaris reflects on the Dirty Birds.

Part V: Varrass, Bull and I pull off a dorm room kegger as the 49ers stay forever young… Steve Young, that is.

Part VI: Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me! Mike Dunton reflects on how Derrick Brooks turned the league’s long-time laughing stock into Champions.

Part VII: The Greatest Show on Turf is born, as is Kurt Warner‘s overrated legacy.

Part VIII: The birth of an empire: Tom Brady downs the Rams and I win my first box game.

Part IX:  The Pooch teaches me a lesson in gambling, while we all got to see Janet Jackson’s boob.

Part X: Peyton gets his ring.

Part XI: Ryan Law’s latest Top 10 looks at the Top 10 Greatest Super Bowl Performances of All Time.

Part XII: The Thread is back for it’s Third Annual Super Bowl Prediction Special!

Part XIII: Ryan Law relives the heartbreak and confusion in Andy Reid‘s clock management that still haunts him today.

Part XIV: Trent Dilfer becomes a legend.

Part XV: Well, that’s up to Peyton Manning and Cam Newton to write. Does Manning ride off into the sunset like his GM John Elway once did, or does CaMVP prove to the world that the Panthers are the real deal?

After 12 hours of pregame shows, 5 hours of commercials, an hour of an over hyped halftime show, and some actual football… we will finally find out!

Thanks for following along in our series. Be safe and enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday!


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