The Wayniac Nation Third Annual Super Bowl Special

I won’t lie, Wayniacs. This is my favorite piece of the year. One of the driving inspirations behind this blog was that group text I’ve told you about 100 times. The Thread. The Thread has changed over the years, it’s name has been altered and some of the members of the billion-text group message have come and gone, but every year come Super Bowl time, they lend me a few minutes of their time and make their annual Super Bowl predictions for my loyal viewing audience (which I am proud to announce has been setting record numbers every month).

Last year, The Thread saw five people pick the Seahawks, while four of us picked the Patriots. Holloway and Nick the Greek made strong debuts, predicting that the New England Patriots would hold on and defeat the defending champion Seattle Seahawks.

The Wayniac? Well, it was the best prediction I ever made in my life:

I have a feeling this will be the most exciting Super Bowl we have seen in some time, much like the Titans and Rams dandy that came down to a tackle on the one yard line. Pats win 27-24.

I was off by one point, and it wasn’t a tackle but an interception, but dang that was as close as it gets, huh?

So who does The Thread see winning it all this year?


Nomi the Greek:

Winner: Denver

MVP: Von Miller


I think this is a fairly even contest.  Both defenses are Super Bowl quality and we have an all-time great in Peyton Manning versus the NFL MVP in Cam Newton at each QB position.  I think the key to this game is Cam Newton versus Wade Phillips and this Denver D.  The Denver D can be dominant and is insanely fast. Cam is arguably the best QB in today’s NFL.  I think the edge is with the Denver D and am predicting at least one defensive touchdown from the Denver D and a final score of 24-17 with Peyton riding off into the sunset with his second Super Bowl victory.

Kid Robot:

Winner: Panthers

MVP: Cam Newton

Unfortunately for Falcons fans and Peyton fans, the Cam Newton Panthers are going to win the Super Bowl.  The MVP of the regular season will also achieve the same accolade in this 50th edition of the Super Bowl.  Cam is becoming smarter and more accurate every game he plays. The game will be a battle of two awesome defenses but the Panthers’ QB is going to be the deciding factor, scoring twice on his feet and once through the air.

Carolina 24 Denver 17

The Englishman:

Winner: Denver

MVP: Peyton Manning

I’m going Denver 38- 20. I think Denver’s defense will slow down Cam enough to help get the win. I also think somehow Peyton steps up on the big stage and has a great game. I predict he gets 3 TDs.

Mark.9 the Game:

Winner: Panthers

MVP: Cam Newton (2 total TDs)


THE FANTASY CHAMP IS HERE! (note from The Wayniac: I will allow The Game his gloating, despite the fact that he completely dismantled my team in our BFFL. It was a well deserved win, and he literally tore my team to shreds. If it were a Retirement Match like in his beloved WWE, I would no longer be welcomed in fantasy.)

They’re calling it the CAM SLAM and I believe it’s going to happen THIS YEAR. Already unofficially the MVP, Cam just needs to win Super Bowl 50 to become the second player ever to win a Heisman, National Championship, Super Bowl and NFL MVP award. Hate him or love him- you’re watching greatness at the age of ONLY 26!

Game Prediction–  Panthers get off to hot start — quick offensive score and early turnover(s) give the Panthers a 20-3 lead at half. Panthers D lets up in the 3rd and Peyton scores twice to make it a one possession game late 3rd/ early 4th. But Cam and the Carolina D are too strong late in the game and #keeppounding to give Carolina the victory. 

Score: Carolina 30- 24

Nick the Greek:

Winner: Denver

Prediction: Peyton Manning 250 Yards and 3 TDs 

Score: Denver 27 Carolina 17

This game wont be as close as everyone thinks.  They say Defense wins championships and this year’s game will prove it.  The constant pressure by DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller is going to frustrate Cam Newton all night.  We all know what happens when Cam doesn’t get what he likes (towel on the head cry baby).  Peyton is going to sail into the sunset with ring number two.



Winner: Denver

Prediction: Peyton Manning

Old School versus New School

I remember too many Super Bowls where the odds on favorite has not covered, not to mention won.

Cam will dab after every score and Peyton will melancholily hum “Thats a -nother Bron-cos first down” as if he is doing a Nationwide commercial. Denver 26 Carolina 24. Peyton rides off in the sunset with a trophy and MVP.

Saucy T:

Winner: Denver

MVP: Peyton Manning

Denver Broncos 23 Carolina 17

Two years ago Peyton Manning won the MVP, led a high octane offense against the league’s number 1 defense in the Super Bowl, and came up short. This year Cam Newton will be the MVP, and the Panthers have the high octane offense. Denver’s defense the first few weeks of the season looked historically good, but then injuries happened. With two weeks of rest I expect this defense to shut down Cam and the Panthers, and Peyton to do just enough to win and ride off into the Sunset.

I don’t think he’ll deserve it, but we don’t often get defensive MVPs and I expect Denver’s D to be a team effort. Funny how it will probably be Peyton’s worst year ever that gets people to stop calling him a choker. 

Sperry Mason: Sperry Mason is on sabbatical as he pursues his law degree. He unfortunately did not have time to do a detailed analysis of the big game, but as part of The Thread, he refused to be left out of the tradition. His prediction was sent via text:

The team that scores more will win.

You know what? He’s right. Eat your heart out Vegas.

and of course….

The Wayniac:

I have been on the Panthers bandwagon for most of the season. I’m not a fan and I’m not rooting for them per se, but I have watched a lot of Panthers football, and since about Week 7 since I’ve said they were for real, I have had a constant struggle to prove my stance.

These guys are for real. This is what I have seen from this Panthers team. I have seen a team that lost their best wide receiver at the beginning of the season make the most of some spare parts. Ted Ginn, Jr. had ten receiving touchdowns this year. He had 11 total in his previous eight years.

Greg Olsen became a superstar. He has one of the best beards in the league and he is arguably the best tight end not named Gronk in the NFL.

When Jonathan Stewart went down for several games, names like Cameron Artis-Payne and Fozzy Whittaker answered the call.

And that defense. Luke Kuechly may be the best defender who doesn’t wear 99 on his chest in the NFL. Josh Norman, Thomas Davis, Kawann Short. All week we have been being force fed the Denver Broncos defense, but if the Broncos sleep on these guys, they will get burned.

That being said the Broncos defense is sick. Maybe one of the best of this millennium and that is some lofty praise with the old school Raven, Buccaneer and 49er defenses we watched.

But Peyton Manning is not very good. Let me rephrase that. Peyton Manning is the best quarterback I have ever seen play. But he has suffered too many debilitating injuries and it is starting to show. Whereas Cam Newton may be able to extend plays and beat this vaunted Broncos defense, Manning could become a sitting duck.

Would I like to see Peyton Manning pull a John Elway and walk off into the sunset a champion? I would. Do I think it’s going to happen? I don’t. In fact, I don’t think it is going to be all that close, either. This isn’t about what I want, this is about what I think.

And what I think is:

Winner: Carolina Panthers

Score: 34-17

MVP: CaMVP or Kuechly. I really can’t decide. I’m leaning towards Kuechly, but maybe they will be co-MVPs.

2 thoughts on “The Wayniac Nation Third Annual Super Bowl Special”

  1. I am admittedly biased a bit because I have been a Broncos fan for nearly 30 years. However, I have probably watched more Broncos games from start to finish than your average football fan. The Broncos WILL win, and here is why: Lets start with the defense. Carolina needs to come out with an early lead, and Denver’s defense hasn’t allowed a whole lot of 1st quarter TDs. Majority of the ones they have allowed have come off of turnovers in the red zone or pick six’s. Denver’s DBs are good enough to go one-on one with Carolina’s WRs and allow their front seven to apply constant pressure on CaMVP, maybe they could even pull TJ Ward up to spy on Cam. My biggest concern is Von coming out too hot and Cam slipping right by for a big gain. This will happen, just hopefully not too often (Cam will lead both teams in rushing). Now lets talk about the Denver offense. There really isn’t too much film to watch of Peyton Manning in this offense. You can’t really gather much from the beginning of the season because not only was Peyton trying to figure things out, but so were the other ten guys on the field. It was borderline atrocious to watch. All they really have is the two playoff games. And Peyton has looked healthier and more confident than he has since early last season. His footwork and decision making has remarkably better than what we saw in the earlier part of the season. Against NE, the 1st quarter looked like Vintage Manning. The Broncos held the entire game from start to finish. It looked like to me that Kubiak held the reigns back and didn’t expose as much of the play book as he could’ve because it wasn’t necessary! I look for the Broncos to open up the play book a little more this week, and actually put TDs on the board and not just FGs. Plus, when is the last time Denver had two weeks to prepare for ONE team??? When they completely manhandled the undefeated Green Bay Packers in week 8! On a side note, Carolina’s only loss came to the Atlanta Falcons, who’s OC just happens to be from the same cloth as Gary Kubiak. Maybe my heart has me a bit delusional, but I am taking the Broncos 30-10.

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