The Atlanta Braves still celebrate Bruce Sutter Day

(Note to Wayniac Nation. The following link takes you to the November digital issue of Baseball Magazine. Baseball Magazine was the first monthly baseball magazine published in the United States. Founded by Boston sportswriter Jake Morse prior to the 1908 season, the magazine ran for 49 years before shutting down for good. My colleague and former editor Billy Brost decided to take on the daunting task of bringing back one of baseball’s treasures from the dead. Moving forward, I — along with several other writers I have worked with in the past and present — will contribute pieces looking at the history of the game and human interest stories of superstars that time may have forgotten. Hopefully, you follow along the journey.)

The New York Mets made it back to the Fall Classic for the first time since the Subway Series against the New York Yankees in 2000 this past October/November. I incessantly joked around with the Mets’ fans who are my friends and family that Bobby Bonilla — a member of that 2000 squad — was still making more money than Matt Harvey and Jacob deGrom combined.

But you know me by now. I said, “Hey Wayniac, there has to be a worse contract than Bobby Bo, right?” Sure enough, there was… and is, as a contract signed long before Bobby Bo’s is still being paid to this day. In fact, it is being paid by a team that is disappointing its loyal fanbase by tearing it down and trading away every fan favorite in order to cut salary for their new stadium. Oh, life’s sweet irony.

Every July 1st my friends — especially The Thread and Holloway — text out Happy Bobby Bonilla Day. Well, Braves fans, you won’t be happy, but it is time for you to recognize Bruce Sutter Day.




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