Back to glory: The Carson-Newman Eagles Women’s Soccer Squad

The Carson-Newman Eagles Women’s Soccer program was once a force to be reckoned with in Division II. They had been to back-to-back Final Fours just a decade ago, but after their last playoff appearance in 2009, the program has been struggling.

Richard Moodie, a former CNU soccer player himself, was named the Men’s Soccer coach five years ago. A year later, he agreed to take on the Women’s program as well. While he took the Men to the National Championship game in 2013, he quietly and patiently began to rebuild the Eagles Women’s team.

The first three years were a struggle, as they combined to win a total of 12 games. Entering 2015, they were expected to finish 9th in the South Atlantic Conference. Tomorrow, they play their first Championship postseason match since 2009, coming off an unbelievable 18-2 season, sweeping both the SAC regular season and tournament titles. Unbelievable to everyone but themselves of course.

My latest piece at tells their magical story:

Carson-Newman Eagles soaring to new heights



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