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Man, that got scary Yankees fans. Leave it to the old Boston Red Sox to try and salvage their disappointing season by ruining ours. I don’t care how good or bad either team is, this rivalry to me is still the greatest.

The Yankees are heading back to the playoffs for the first time in two years. Two years that saw first Mariano Rivera retire playoff-less and then The Captain walk silently into the night with out October baseball. It’s ok, they had their fair share.

// is a very different type of Yankees team than most of us fans have seen since, oh let’s say 1995ish. There are a lot of first timers heading to the playoffs, young, homegrown stars who have been itching to taste the magic of the post season.


Greg Bird. John Ryan Murphy. Betances. Luis Severino. Adam Warren. These guys have all been a big part of getting the Yankees to October. Huge parts, actually. Murph is probably the most unheralded backups in the league and Warren, man, what he did in any role the Yankees asked of him should not go unseen. Throw in big hits by Rob Refsnyder and some nice innings by guys like James Pazos and Yankees fans should be excited about their future.

Then you had the crafty vets. Carlos Beltran finished the season strong, Mark Teixeira had a huge comeback until an August injury and Brian McCann became the catcher most Yankees fans wanted (at least I hope he did).

And of course there was A-Rod. What a season. Love him or hate him, he was clutch for many of the Yankees wins. I’m not here to say I forgive A-Rod, I’m not here to preach to the world that they should. He lied and cheated the game amongst some of the worst players to ever do so. That being said, as a Yankees fan, I have no problem with 33 home runs in the heart of the order.

That’s how the late-90s dynasty did it. They created a nice blend of homegrown talent and veteran superstars. They also of course had some pretty sick pitching, where this team falls short. I don’t know if this is the beginning of a dynasty, but I think instead of all of the doom-and-gloomers out there already predicting a Wild Card game loss, we should sit back and embrace the fact that we are in the playoffs. You can’t have a World Series or bust attitude and then be mad that the Yankees made the playoffs, no matter how poorly they stumbled into them.

There is nothing like Yankees baseball in October. Next Tuesday, it’s a whole new ball game. And I can’t wait!


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