Sunday Morning Football Poll: Did You Like It?

This Sunday, NFL fans experience the earliest game played in football history. I’m very curious on what my loyal Wayniacs thought about the game. Well, not so much the game in particular. I live in Atlanta, I have heard plenty about the Falcons epic collapse in Jolly Old England. Thomas Dimitroff needs to go. He went all in on the Julio Jones trade and has a team that has absolutely no depth. The NFL is a league in which someone gets injured on a weekly basis, sometimes by celebrating a sack (LaMarr Houston, you sir, are an idiot). Mike Smith has no one to turn to on his depleted offensive line and paper thin defense. His coaching calls are a bit peculiar, but so are Ned Yost’s and he is in the World Series. He needs players that play, and maybe this team can return to that 13-3 level they were just a few seasons ago.

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)
(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

But I digress. I am torn on how I feel about the game. You know by now that I am a total football geek, so a literal full day of football was pretty much like porn. But was it necessary? How many people said screw it and didn’t wake up?  Football is about beer and buffalo wings and none of those go particularly well with 9:30 in the morning. Here in Atlanta, without a special permit, bars can’t serve alcohol until 12:30 on Sundays. Who wants to go to a bar for football when you can’t booze?

It also totally screwed up my fantasy team. I had several running backs on bye, so I had to plug-and-play Bernard Pierce. Pierce was announced inactive at noon, but unlike every other Sunday in the history of time, the waiver wire had locked at 9:30 AM. I couldn’t make a move and had to roll into Sunday’s action down an RB. I know, I know, most people think that the NFL doesn’t care about fantasy football, they care about that dollar bill. Then why does, the official site of the NFL, have it’s own fantasy football site with league play and experts? Why does the NFL Network air Fantasy Football Live twice a day? Why do active NFL players tweet about benching themselves and losing? Fantasy football is played by everyone, it is a very real issue in pondering moves Goodell makes. Of course, Goodell doesn’t put much thought into anything, so this shouldn’t be shocking.

So I don’t know how I feel about it. I am a traditionalist at heart. I don’t even like Thursday Night Football even though it gives us an extra day. I remember in my youth after midseason, we had Saturday games. What happened to those? It’s so much better than Thursday because teams have the right amount of rest. Anyhooo…. I think I would rather the normal slate of 1 PM and 4 PM games and never have to watch football before I finished my coffee and eggs again. What do you think?

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