The Bottomless World Cup: Mama Said Knock You Out!

Well, it wasn’t pretty but it certainly was entertaining. Suarez got hungry and the US lost to advance. On top of it, I only got 10 of my 16 teams to advance in my World Cup bracket at Verde. Spain really screwed me, but I was not alone. It was a historic showing for Spain as they set the new standard for worst performance by a defending champion.

Of my four super upsets only two advanced, but again, I don’t think anyone, including half of Chile, saw Chile doing what they did to Spain. My Ticos from Costa Rica won a group that no one gave them a chance in and our own US of A came out of the Group of Death alive, but not so well. Hopefully, Jozy gets clearance and is able to suit up, but we shall see. Brazil and Chile kick off at noon today, so follow along the Knockout Round and root for yours truly to march on!



Tune in tomorrow for your Wacky Week in Sports. Until then, I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN!!!

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