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Madness at its truest: the Syracuse Orange are in the Elite 8

That’s a pretty unbelievable statement, huh? A little over two weeks ago, most people — like the one and only president of the “I Hate Syracuse Fan Club” Doug Gottlieb — were infuriated that this Syracuse team made the tournament at all. Now, in an act of the ultimate middle finger to the world, the Orange sit in the Elite 8.

Have they lucked out a little bit? Sure. But what does that say about Dayton? If they were the seven seed and Cuse was the “awful” 10 seed, then Dayton must really stink, right?

Anyway, it doesn’t matter how or why the Orange is there… they are there. This season is even more special for me on a personal level.

And since this is my blog, I’m going to tell you why.

Keep reading for the greatest daddy daughter bond.