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Almost Mock Draft Revisited: The Colorado Rockies Riley Pint

Right-handed pitchers simply don’t go first overall. It isn’t a rule by any means, it just doesn’t happen with any sort of regularity. Thus, when we looked at Today’s Knuckleball’s Almost Mock Draft back in mid-May, and high school right-hander Riley Pint was in serious talks about being the first overall pick, it spoke volumes of the talent most felt he possessed.

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MLB Draft Profile: Can Riley Pint be the first righty to go No. 1?

A right-hander going first overall? Unheard of, right? How about one without any college experience and is a prep school star? Unthinkable. Riley Pint is sure doing his best to make people think otherwise.

Can he surpass high school lefty phenomenon Jason Groome as the top high school prospect in 2016?

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