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NFL Officiating aka How to Succeed Without Really Trying

This has been the most bizarre NFL season that I can remember. Some football teams — like my Houston Texans and the Atlanta Falcons — seemingly reached the sixth game of the season and did a complete 180. One is spiraling downward and the other — my Texans — is on the rise.

Injuries have taken their toll worse than I can remember since 1999. I only remember 1999 because of how many first round draft picks went out in my fantasy league by week three. That was the year that Terrell Davis and Jamal Anderson blew out their legs, amongst a bevy of others. This year is worse. Every week, the NFL is losing a superstar — if not two — and the Patriots lose a third of their roster. It’s insane.

And then there is the officiating. How in the world is this being allowed to happen? It’s offensive to the die hard fans of the NFL that Roger Goodell allows these horrendous calls to happen each week. But then again, it’s Roger Goodell. He’s too busy soaking in his millions to actually care about his league.

The NFL referees are awful. Here’s why.