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Mark Richt and Les Miles in this morning’s random thoughts

I moved to Georgia 12 years ago. College football was never really my thing, as the only team I rooted for was my alma mater, the mighty Fighting Blue Hens. So, when I came here — and realized that Saturday’s were religion — I had to choose between rooting for the Yellow Jackets or Bulldogs. My friend Sparky took me to a weekend in Athens… the choice became very easy.

I chose the Bulldogs, and while I never really became a die hard fan, I have continued to root for them as well as their alum in the NFL that I watched. Since I never bled red and black like some of these southerners do, I always thought the Fire Mark Richt jibber jabber was just angry fans venting, like I always do over any coaches and managers of my team after a season ends without a championship. Now, I kind of get it… and it has nothing to do with Mark Richt.

Why is it finally time for Richt to go?