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Kyle Lewis’ season may be done, but it was an exciting start

Moving on with our Almost Mock Draft Revisited series, we take a look at the player I felt was going to be the 1-1 in the MLB Draft. Although he wound up slipping 10 slots, getting drafted right outside the top 10, Kyle Lewis put together a college season to remember and was en route to a terrific debut season until injury ended it prematurely.

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MLB Draft profile: Possible Philadelphia Phillies OF Kyle Lewis

Monday saw the first “Almost Mock Draft” from Today’s Knuckleball, dissecting some of the options each team inside the top-ten has at their disposal. Unlike 2015, when seemingly the whole world knew Dansby Swanson was going first, this season sees two or three players that could be on the Philadelphia Phillies’ wish list at 1-1.

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