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The Kobe Bryant Era ends tonight for the Los Angeles Lakers

It’s hard to believe that Kobe Bryant is hanging it up tonight. The end of a 20-year career that had its fair share of ups and downs is also an end to one of the NBA’s GOATs.┬áNo matter how un-Kobe-like he has played the past season, the face of the Los Angeles Lakers will be a new one come October.

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Peyton and Tiger… It’s so hard to say goodbye

As you are reading this, I am already on the road. I am heading back to Salem, Virginia to cover — as I did last year — the Stagg Bowl. It is the crowning achievement in NCAA DIII football, and really one of the more fun games of the year. It’s on ESPN U Friday night at 7 PM if you don’t believe me. Ever hear of Friday Night Lights? Well, that wasn’t about this, but hey, it’s Friday night, and there will be plenty of lights.

Anyway, our old friend Dunton stepped in and agreed to help keep the morning thoughts rolling, because typing is rather difficult on a six hour road trip. Today he looks at the current state of two all time greats.

Dunton’s thoughts on Tiger and Manning