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Sons of Baseball-archy: Jose Vizcaino, Jr. looking to follow his pops to the bigs

Not every player is going to be a Hall of Famer. Not every player is even going to enjoy an All-Star season. Some players just bide their time, waiting for their moment to shine when their team needs them most.

Jose Vizcaino etched out an 18-year baseball career behind solid contact, sound defense and becoming one of the best utility players in baseball. He was well-traveled, playing for eight teams over the course of his career, picking up his lone World Series ring in 2000 as a pivotal member of the New York Yankees bench. That 2000 ALCS against the Seattle Mariners showed Vizcaino’s true value as a player. He came off the bench in four of the six games that series. Twice he delivered crucial RBI pinch-hits, and another, as a pinch-runner, he stole a base and scored. That’s who Vizcaino was.

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