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Watch out, gents. Fantasy Football is a ladies game now!

My wife is an avid fantasy football nut. I’m not talking about a woman who plays fantasy football. No, her entire Sunday is ruined if her team underperforms.

I have played in fantasy football leagues for close to 20 years, so to say I haven’t played in a league or two with a female in it would be a flat out lie. But today, it is a different game. Not only are there female-only fantasy football leagues, women are winning co-ed leagues with ease. I talk shop with Dan and Loraine — a couple in the same fantasy football league — weekly, and quite honestly, Loraine probably has one of the sicker keeper fantasy teams I have ever seen.

I decided it was time to see what makes these ladies tick, so I sat down with four of the most competitive female fantasy footballers I know in today’s random thoughts.

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