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I’m keeping this week’s Rundown and Sundays short and sweet. The search for my home team will continue in next weeks Rundown.

I hope you all are picking up some valuable lesson with the 2nd Half action so far. Just because I haven’t been breaking down every matchup with 2nd Half analysis, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be keeping your own tabs on things.

Once the search concludes, then we’ll get back to the numbers, and you won’t have to listen to my lost fandom soul sob story anymore. I do hope you’ve enjoyed the struggle, though. It’s been liberating to put my personal growth as a sports fan and individual completely out in the open like this. Very therapeutic. For someone that can’t afford therapy, this has helped me make sense of a lot about myself, and I thank you for listening.

Now, let’s get to this week’s action. Bottomline, if you don’t have a star on your helmet logo this week, then I’m not takin’ your side.

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