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Columbus State’s prolific offense has been exciting to watch

This was one of the more fun pieces I was able┬áto write. Since I have been covering DII sports, our site’s loyal follower (and most comical commenter) has been telling me all about his alma mater. Our friend Stephen Worrell was part of Columbus State’s National Championship team in 2002, and as I did the research on CSU, I came to find out he also became one of their finest players (even becoming a 2005 All Conference Player).

While he may relive the glory years in Al Bundy-esque fondness (and hold tight to the fact that he is tied as the DII record holder for most times getting hit by a pitch in a single game), he helped me keep a close eye on the Cougars’ 2016 season. I was waiting for the right time to write the piece on their season, and while it took a little bit, I think I found it. Amazing comebacks, a 15-game winning streak, and one of the nation’s most exciting offenses? Yea, I think the time was right.

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