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The Houston Texans: three takeaways from Wild Card Weekend

Yesterday’s intriguing battle between two third-string quarterbacks ended in the Houston Texans favor. For the second consecutive week, Brock Osweiler looked good (that’s not a typo) en route to the Texans third playoff victory in the history of the franchise.

What can we, as Texans fans, walk away with from this victory?

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The Houston Texans need to get the Brock out of here

The season has been brutal for Houston Texans fans. Yes, Arian Foster was released — and now retired in a uniform that wasn’t Houston’s — but that pain has been relieved by Lamar Miller. Yes, J.J. Watt and Kevin Johnson — and now Derek Newton — are out for the year, but the pain has been alleviated by a surprisingly still strong defense and the return of Duane Brown.

No, the Texans faithful — and you know our faithfulness when we pack out Reliant after the years we have put up with — have had to endure the Brock Osweiler Era. It is one that has gone from bad to worse in a course of seven games.

And it has to end now.

Keep reading for my thoughts on the Osweiler experiment.

The New Houston Texans: the Brock stops here

NFL’s free agency period opened yesterday and almost immediately, many of the big names were taken off the board. The Houston Texans revamped their offense with three big moves of their own, signing Brock Osweiler, Lamar Miller and Jeff Allen.

Of course, my Twitter and text messages blew up instantly wanting to know how I felt about this. I had to sleep on it, but I think that overall, the Texans had a good day.

Did the Texans make the right moves? Keep reading to find out.