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Three Big Story Lines for Week 10 of the NFL

Week 10. Man, the season is flying by isn’t it? As everyone knows by now, Peyton Manning once again fell to Tom Brady and the scorching hot New England Patriots in the 16th edition of the Brady/Manning Rivalry. That means there are only two 7-win teams in the NFL. One is the aforementioned Patriots and the other is the 7-1 Arizona Cardinals.

I can’t quite figure it out, but with all the teams essentially at their halfway point, the Arizona Cardinals have the best record in football. They have a sick secondary, yet their defense is still only 19th overall. They have a steady offense, but they are ranked in the bottom third of the league. To be fair, Carson Palmer and Andre Ellington are finally looking healthy, and Larry Fitzgerald is finally looking like the Fitz of old. Whatever the case is, they are locked down at the top of the Wayniac Nation Power 5.

The Wayniac Nation Power 5: 1. Arizona Cardnials, 2. New England Patriots, 3. Denver Broncos, 4. Indianapolos Colts, 5. Detroit Lions

This week the Pats and the Colts will be missing from action as they are on bye with four other teams. The Houston Texans, San Diego Chargers, Washington Redskins and Minnesota Vikings also get a much needed week off as Arian Foster, RGIII and Philip Rivers (who am I kidding , the whole Chargers team) needs to refresh. Don’t you worry, though. There are still a bevy of not only great, but important games this weekend, including another matchup across the pond. I’m so glad that the Dallas Cowboys marketing department has realized it! As they said themselves on Twitter: #CowboysUK!

Onward to the 3 biggest stories of Week 10!