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Happy Father’s Day from Wayniac Nation

I don’t take days off, but today is special, and technically speaking, this is a post so, I’m not slacking. I want to take a moment and send Happy Father’s Day wishes to every dad out there.

I especially want to send Father’s Day love to my contributors Fee, Ryan, Benny, Dunton, J.D., Leigh and Teddy Ballgame (as well as our most loyal commenter Stephen). Thanks to your features, predictions and fantasy football advice, the Wayniac Nation has nearly tripled in viewership in 2016!

Enjoy your day, and check out some of these classic father/child duos!

Click here for some of sports Father/child duos

Happy Father’s Day Sports Style

It’s that magical time of year. The time of year when the grills are afire and the Coors Light are acoolin’. What better way to celebrate dear old dad than with BBQ, beer, and baseball?

Throughout the course of sports history, there have been quite a few powerful gene pools across the major US sports. Every one knows about Bobby Bonds and Barry Bonds, and if you don’t, you really need to put down the Dungeons and Dragons and come outside for a little while. The Bonds’ father and son duo combined for 1094 drug induced home runs over their notorious careers and stand as one of the most famous combos of all time. The Griffey’s were so nice, they had to name them twice! Ken and Junior not only combined for 782 home runs themselves, they actual hit back-to-back bombs in the same game. When my dad and I bonded, he snuck me to get ice cream when my mom said I couldn’t have any. These two were bashing back to backers. Don’t get me wrong, I love my dad and I love ice cream, but the closest me and my dear old dad came to baseball immortally was when he coached my 3rd grade little league team (which Wayniac Nation’s own Sport Illuminati was a member of 31 years ago!).
Keep reading for the newest Father/Son Sports Combos!!!