Fantasy football: EMERGENCY week 11 updates – What to do with Taysum Hill and D’Ande Swift

Ahh, the 2020 fantasy football season. Where the only thing you can expect is the unexpected. There have been several fantasy emergency situations that have popped up in the last day or so that we need to discuss.

One of those things is D’Andre Swift being put in concussion protocol and almost surely ruled out of Sunday’s game. Swift was a big piece for both season long and DFS that would’ve been highly owned and a staple in people’s lineups. That throws a wrench into this weekends lineups for sure. I would not suggest going with Adrian Peterson unless you absolutely have to. In many cases he is a must and he’s not a bad play since he’ll be going up against a terrible run defense, but you just don’t know if Kerryon Johnson will eat into his volume or how effective he’ll be. If possible I would put someone from your bench in or see if you can get Nyheim Hines or Kalen Ballage as replacement. I’ll talk about it more below, but Latavius Murray is squarely in play this week as well with the Saints situation.

Another thing that has happened is Taysom Hill was named the starter for the Saints… and then, not named the starter for the Saints, but reports are that he most likely will be the starter. Take that how you will, but I’m of the opinion that regardless of whether or not he is the starter, Taysom Hill will indeed have a roll this week.

I suggest with 100-percent certainty having him in your TE position on FanDuel this week at minimum salary ($4500) as he should surely be able to hit his value at that salary no matter what position he plays. And since he’s tagged as a TE, if he plays QB that could be huge for points out of your TE slot when all the high end TE’s are not on the main slate. Tight end this week is a wasteland, so getting all Taysom’s points, whether they are of the passing variety or the running variety, or even receiving — there is huge upside to be had. Taysom Hill is also tagged as a TE in EPSN season long formats as well, so get him in your lineups there also. In regards to Latavius Murray…with Alvin Kamara hobbled and a new QB, the Saints should absolutely try and get the run game going and Murray could be a huge part of that, especially playing against Atlanta.

In my opinion, for DFS only, I would take Michael Thomas out of your lineups. His salary is too high for the uncertainty involved with having him on your roster this week. Keep him for season long for sure, but for DFS he may not be able to give you 2-3 times salary to hit value.

Any questions, please leave them in the comments below and we’ll do our best to respond this weekend. And don’t forget to see all my plays in our weekly podcast.

— FanDuel Fee

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