Welcome back… kind of

Last week, as I flooded your email folders and social media timelines with the unannounced return of this website, my texts, email, and direct messages also imploded. So, I decided to answer some of the questions that were asked in a blog post.

As most of you know, this is the former site of The Wayniac Nation. The thrilling, three-plus year ride that evolved from my sports rage to my loyal team of fantasy and Atlanta writers that became known as The Nation, came to an end in March of 2017 in the post, Adieu, adieu, parting is such sweet sorrow: Becoming The Wayniac’.

That farewell was still very much the end of The Wayniac Nation, despite you receiving some posts of late. While you will always be the best fans and loyal Wayniacs, you are now at the future site of WayneCavadi.com.

It may be a little more boring, but this site will serve as more of a portfolio. There will be plenty to read, but it will be mostly what I’m doing on the world wide web. So, what are the changes?

First and foremost, notice the name of the site. It’s now simply Wayne Cavadi (original, huh?) and the website is now waynecavadi.wordpress.com. Go ahead, I’ll give you a minute to bookmark it.

All set? Good. I just bought the domain waynecavadi.com for those thinking about making a strategic financial move and will be changing over soon when everything else is finalized.

Another change you’ll notice is the headers atop the page. I am now sharing my:

And you’ll notice my avatar is a picture of me in a suit. See, same Wayniac, just a tad bit more professional.

Does that mean you won’t get any good old-fashioned hot takes? Nope. I plan on doing a few fresh originals every now and then, most likely as baseball season nears or to brag about how insanely good my fantasy teams are this year (I already won a fantasy baseball championship for those keeping score at home).

So, sit back and enjoy. If you know people looking for a content writer in either digital journalism or marketing, please, pass this along. Most importantly, welcome back to the Nation. I hope you enjoy the ride.



One thought on “Welcome back… kind of”

  1. Wayne,
    I never thought I would enjoy reading about all different facets of sports so fascinating.You have a very unique way of writing that I love reading. Keep up the great work.

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