Atlanta Braves: Ray-Patrick Didder, the 2019 top 20 prospects, and the rival Mets

This past week, I was a guest on The Platinum Sombrero Podcast. I met the hosts — Dylan Short and Doc Herbert — via the Atlanta Braves Twitterverse and this is the second time I’ve appeared on their show.

I enjoy going on TPS because it is different than other guest spots on other podcasts. Often times its, “you’re on our show, tell us what you know,” but with Dylan and Doc, it is really just three baseball nerds talking shop about the Braves.

On Episode 36, you’ll hear about:

  • My Halloween experience with my daughter and our all-time candy rankings
  • Thoughts on the World Series
  • The confusion of the Mets GM hire
  • What to do with the Braves 40-man issues
  • A little bit about one of my favorite prospects Ray-Patrick Didder
  • And break down the Braves preseason top 20 prospects from Minor League Ball

Do yourself a favor and take a listen. Be sure to follow, as I will gladly go back on and discuss the 2019 season as it approaches.

You can access it in two places:

The Platinum Sombrero Podcast: Episode 36


The Platinum Sombrero Podcast: Episode 36 — Wayne Cavadi

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