The WN Fantasy Football Report: Starts and Sits Playoff Special

Hopefully, you are still coming along for the magical ride called fantasy football. Hopefully, also you’ve been listening, because we here at Wayniac Nation have been en fuego. If you need reaffirmation as to why we should be your playoff go to, look no further than last week, and the start and sit of the week at each position.

The Wayniac’s Starts of the Week (per position):

QB: Matthew Stafford – 28.2 points (all using ESPN PPR scoring)

RB: Jordan Howard – 30.7 points

WR: DeAndre Hopkins – 14.8 points

TE: Zach Ertz – 22.9 points

Def: Patriots – 11 points

The Wayniac’s Sits of the Week (per position)

QB: Dak Prescott: 10.7 points

RB: Jay Ajayi: 14.7 points

WR: Allen Robinson: 6.1 points

TE: Jordan Reed/ Vernon Davis: Reed DNP; Davis 9.7 points

Def: Texans: 3 points

So, Ajayi would have helped you a little bit more than I expected, but overall, my projections were pretty accurate. Who do we have for you this week?



QB/WR Stack-I hate being a homer, but my Bucs are competitive and in the playoff mix. I’ll take it. And, I will take Jameis Winston and Mike Evans this weekend against the Saints and their suspect defense.  Both are poised to bounce back from subpar performances last week in a meaningful home game. If you have both be prepared to be extremely happy around 7:00pm Sunday.

RB: Spencer Ware against the Raiders is an intriguing matchup. The Raiders offense is lights out this year, their defense is not. Although improving the Raiders D is expected to see a huge dose of Ware and the run game. They won’t be able to hold him back for long.

WR: Deandre Hopkins. Hopkins may become extremely big in the playoffs for many owners. If you drafted him in the first round you have been extremely disappointed this year, you won’t be this week. Hopkins found the end zone last week for the first time since Week 5. I expect him to find it again against the Colts.


QB: Aaron Rodgers-He’s playing on a sore leg against a tough Seattle Defense. This game is huge for both teams but the Rodgers injury worries me here. He may still have a solid game but I can see other QBs as better plays. Stafford and Prescott are two that come to mind.

RB: Melvin Gordon-He’s playing a 1:00 game on the East Coast against a Panthers team who was embarrassed on national television. I see this Carolina team making one last stand before officially bagging the season. This game is the one. Gordon will be quieted this Sunday.

WR: TY Hilton: The Texans D is much better than the Jets D. Enough said.

The Wayniac:


QB: I see the Cleveland Browns best chance for a win this week against a depleted Bengals team. I also see Andy Dalton with a juicy opportunity for a start. It’s not just that the Browns have allowed 28 touchdowns (the most in fantasy), but they’ve only picked it eight times. Jameis Winston also has a great matchup against the Saints, and the Bucs are grooving.

RB: The 49ers have allowed the most rushing touchdowns this season. Bryce Petty makes Brock Osweiler look like a stud. Matt Forte will see the ball a lot in a game that is actually winnable even for the Jets. He’s just about the only Jet you can trust right now.

WRJulian Edelman is the easy pick here. With Gronk out of the picture he is THE MAN that Tom Brady trusts. Want a nice play? Try his counterpart Malcolm Mitchell. Several hot hands — like Rishard Matthews — have bad matchups and Mitchell’s current hot streak could garner him a flex start.

TE: Antonio Gates AND Hunter Henry could be nice plays this week, but Gates is a must. The Panthers have allowed nine touchdowns to TEs (tied for worst) and are a mess in the red zone, where Henry and Gates love to shine.

DEF: The Vikings are a no brainer against the abysmal Jags. I also think the Lions are a strong play this week. The Bears aren’t very good.


QB: I wrote in WEEK 2 that the Blake Bortles era has closed. He wasn’t very good last year, he was just a fantasy GMs dream because he needed to chuck the ball all fourth quarter because of how poorly he played for the first three. This year, it has caught up to him and with only Allen Robinson as a legitimate threat, there is no reason to start him in the playoffs.

RB: Lamar Miller had a huge game last time he faced the Colts. That was pretty much his last good game of the year thus far, minus the Raiders game. Between having to go to the locker room seemingly once a game and an offensive line that is falling apart at the seams, Miller is a high-risk, high-reward play this week. We know the ceiling, the past two weeks, we’ve seen the floor.

WR: I think Allen Robinson may stay right here in this slot until I’m proven otherwise. His ADP to start the season was through the roof and he has to be — to no fault of his own — considered one of the bigger busts of the season.

TE: Martellus Bennett. There is something wrong with him physically. He was a beast to start the season, coexisting with Gronk just fine, and now that he has a chance to shine, he’s dropped the ball (not so much literally). The Ravens have allowed just one touchdown to TEs this year, so I would look elsewhere.

DEF: You see what Rob Ryan’s Bills did in the second half last week against the elite offense of the Raiders? You know who also has an elite offense (the Steelers)? You know how hard I scratch my head when I continue to see that Rob Ryan continues to be employed in the NFL? Go to the WWE pal, your window has closed and your defenses stink.

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