FanDuel Fee – Your Week 2 DFS winning squad

(Note from the editor: I came with the idea to Fee to become FanDuel Fee at the end of last season. Although I do DraftKings, I took FanDuel Fee’s advice and quadrupled my investment. I wouldn’t have asked him back if I didn’t think he knew what he was doing. As I did last year, I will pick a DraftKings team based on Fee’s picks and report back to you — The Wayniac)

Okay I missed Week 1 for FanDuel as well as the Wayniac’s “Starts and Sits”.  Okay, so I missed Week 2 of Wayniac’s “Starts and Sits” again this week. I didn’t want to be shutout so I’m entering my FanDuel write-up for Week 2. Thursday nighters are always tough to call on short rest, so let’s get straight to any of the Sunday entries.

At the moment, I can’t get into specific lineups for each slate.  To be honest, I missed the above articles because I have twin 3-month olds and a 2.5-year old toddler I’m dealing with at home. It’s quite the time consuming endeavor (it took me 12 minutes to write that last sentence).  Not to mention that my day job has been no better than brutal 10-hour days for the last month.

That being said, I’ll do my best to bring you my thoughts on the players I think are good for CASH games and TOURNEY plays.  As the season moves on, my kids start to sleep more, and my job quiets down a bit, I’ll try and give you much more in depth looks at my picks as well as Tourney plays and try and even break it down by slate as long as time permits.

Here we go with Week 2:

CASH (High Floor):


Trevor Siemian (vs. Colts) $6400 – did you see him against the awesome Carolina D?  This guy is no joke and will be a solid play vs the hapless Colts.

Eli Manning (vs. NO) $8100 – Here’s the obvious play.  Last time it was 52-49.  Not sure it will get that high this time, but Eli should be slingin’ it this week.

Matt Stafford (vs. Ten) $7800 – Make no mistake, the Lions will have to throw the ball 30 times a game.  Volume is Stafford’s friend and they should be able to move the ball against Tennessee.

Philip Rivers (vs. Jax) $7700- I still don’t believe in Melvin and Jacksonville’s D needs to show me consistency before I believe in them as well.


DeAngelo Williams (vs CIN) $7,600 – He’s their workhorse and he’s out there 80 percent of the time.  Don’t be fooled, he should be in your lineups and at that price, I can’t believe he’s still so cheap.

C.J. Anderson (vs IND) $7,800 – Again, CJ is relied upon very heavily in this offense, I don’t even mind a Siemian/CJ stack.

Danny Woodhead (vs JAC) $6,400 – He’s going to get touches no matter what.  His floor and his price make this a good decision.

Lamar Miller (vs KC) $7,700 – No need to overthink this one.  Lamar had 28 of the Texans 31 rushing attempts last week.


Odell Beckham Jr. (vs NO) $9,400 – He’s the highest priced WR but you have to believe the G-Men will get him going vs NO who is not any better than they were last year vs the pass.

Antonio Brown (vs CIN) $9,200 – He should honestly be in your cash lineup every week.  I can’t think of a time he won’t be.

Amari Cooper (vs ATL) $7,900 – Atlanta’s D is terrible.  Oakland’s offense is very good.

Travis Benjamin (vs JAC) $6,100 – Keenan Allen is done.  Rivers needs to throw somewhere.


Jesse James (vs CIN) $4500 – Minimum priced starting TE.  He’s got the opportunity and he caught five balls last week.  A nice little TD could be in his future.

Virgil Green (vs IND) $4,600 – Another super cheap play who caught four balls last week.

Jordan Reed (vs DAL) $7,400 – This one’s a little tougher because of how much he costs, but Reed is going to get going and it might be sooner rather than later.

Kickers I like this week:

Will Lutz — NO

Chris Boswell — PIT

Sebastian Janikowski —  OAK

Defenses I like this week:




TOURNEY (High Ceiling):

QB – Eli Manning (vs. NO) $8100 – Use Eli interchangeably this week, it’s that good of a matchup.  He might be highly owned, but it might be too good to pass up.

QB – Carson Palmer (vs. TB) $8200 – I believe he won’t be very highly owned, but vs TB’s D, he probably should be.

RB – Tevin Coleman (@ OAK) – $6100 – If you’re looking for a low owned player, why not jump on Coleman this week in a great matchup.  He might be 50/50 with Freeman, but I think he’s worth the chance.

RB – Danny Woodhead (vs JAX) – $6400 – Melvin Gordon looked good this past week.  Woodhead looked better.  Jacksonville’s D has yet to impress me and it might be good to jump on their opponent early in the season.

RB – Demarco Murray (@ DET) – $7400 – He looked great.  Volume is the big thing here.  He’s getting a ton of work and Detroit got lit up last week.

WR – Sterling Shepard, Travis Benjamin, Amari Cooper to go along with the obvious choices of Odell, Antonio, and AJ Green.  The big names might be highly owned but you need to have at least one of them to get the points you need.

TE – Jesse James, Eric Ebron, Martellus Bennett.  Those are the 3 I’m going with.  Keeps my salaries low to use elsewhere and none will be highly owned except for possibly Ebron because of recency bias from what he did last week.

K – Bailey, Janikowski, Mcmanus, Lutz

D – Carolina, Baltimore, New England



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