ICHIRO!!! A big hit sparks bigger controversy

It’s borderline hilarious how people are coming to the defense of Pete Rose after Ichiro Suzuki’s little nub shot back to the pitcher. For those of you living under a rock, Ichiro “tied” Rose yesterday for the most “professional” hits of all time.

It’s a silly argument. First, no one ever said Ichiro was the new Hit King. Was Ichiro sitting in a throne of bats after his hit? No, there is only one person ever arrogant enough to do that.



Another silly argument was bringing up Pete Rose’s minor league hits to bring into the equation. Of course they were professional, of course they should count, but we all know that they are simply talking about hits that were achieved on the respective players “big league” level. Simply because we deem the NPL an inferior league to the MLB, doesn’t change the fact that it is the only version of Major League baseball that Ichiro was able to play.

These were my feelings last season when Ichiro “tied” Ty Cobb, and the sentiment is still very much the same:


At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter to me. I got to see both play. I know Rose was all-out, all-day every day and he was so good that he let you know about it and still does to this day. I know in a era that bat flips make people cry and steroid use is abundant, Ichiro came to the park every day and just hit the ball over and over and over again.

I think it’s more impressive that his 42-year old body legged out an infield single to make this even an argument and at 41, I pull a hammy walking my dog.

Everyone should just calm down and not care what the media or some PR-hype machine says. Their whole goal is to incite debate and maybe sell a few “Ichiro Hit King” shirts along the way. What should be done is to sit back and watch Ichiro chase 3000 and admire and respect the career of a man that dominated two of the WORLD’S bigger known leagues of professional baseball.



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