Reflections from the NCAA DII Festival in Denver, Colorado

This past week, I have been lucky to be in Denver, Colorado covering the NCAA DII Festival. It is six championships stuffed into six exciting days of sports in the Mile High City. Simply put, it has been a pretty amazing experience.

Instead of bringing you daily features as I do each week for and NCAA D2, I was asked to run the live blog for both the Men’s and Women’s Tennis Championships. I had never taken on such a task, but in the end, it was a lot of fun. Keeping up with high paced action of Tennis was a grueling task, but bringing it to people live was almost as exciting as watching it.

Take a look, it’s pretty cool.

College Tennis: DII Men’s and Women’s Championship live updates and scores

Opening Ceremonies kicked off at the home of the reigning Super Bowl Champions.


The first day was cold and rainy, but the softball action was pretty exciting.

Then the skies cleared. It’s been absolutely beautiful for the past three days. Let me tell you, college tennis is intense. It was a lot of fun being court side watching these kids give everything they had. Day One of the tournament took nearly 15 hours as several teams simply played marathon matches, not wanting to go home.

This has been yet another amazing experience for me. I hope I’m back next year from Birmingham.

I did get to see some extra sights around the Denver area:

IMG_1645 (1)

I was able to get a two hour break at sundown one of the days and took in some Red Rocks. I had never been and I now want to go back every year.
I was able to get a two hour break at sundown one of the days and took in some Red Rocks. I had never been and I now want to go back every year.



But the Festival’s location was simply amazing. The view from The Regency Athletic Center where most of the activities took place was simply amazing. On one side was the Rockies, on the other, the Denver city skyline.



It’s back to action for me today for the National Semifinals in both Men’s and Women’s Tennis. I have a lot more sites and sounds to share, so please follow along with my live blog (link above) and come back and check out my week in Denver with more photos, tweets and commentary!


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