The Playoff Bound Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Ridiculously Early Predictions

So the NFL schedule was released last night and I decided it was time to give a brief synopsis of the week-by-week schedule for my beloved Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Here is how I see each week playing out in Tampa.


Week 1: Win. Start the season off right. Falcons defense is improved but still struggles to hold down Bucs offense. Bucs defense is much improved and forces a late turnover to seal the deal.

Week 2: Loss– Bucs are not traveling to Arizona and beating Cards in their house.

Week 3: Win-Home Opener – Rookie QB playing for Rams. Bucs  got to get this W.

Week 4: Win – Yeah that’s right, they beat the Broncos. This year the Bucs are going to surprise some people and this one will make them legit after the 1st Quarter of the season.

Week 5: Loss-In Carolina on Monday Night, the lights will be too bright for the young Bucs. They lose in a blowout but that’s okay after the big win against the defending champs.

Week 6: BYE

Week 7: Win – Coming off a loss and a bye and having two weeks to prepare for Chip Kelly’s fast paced offense? Go ahead and give them the W. I expect more from this team this year and  they can’t lose to a questionable 49ers team.

Week 8: Win – This could be the day game of the week. If not for the Eagles/ Cowboys SNF scheduled, it could have possibly been flexed. This is putting two young and upcoming teams against one another who are poised to make some noise this year. The Raiders D scares me but I am taking the Bucs at home in this one.

Week 9: Loss – Short week, Thursday Night Division game in Atlanta. This will be a snooze fest. A lot of field goals. Bucs lose at the wire.

5-3 at the midway point in the season. Time to get some work done!

Week 10: Win – Bounce back week. Bucs get the Bears at home. Just give them the W.

Week 11: Loss – KC is a TOUGH place to play.

Week 12:  Loss – Why do they get Seattle at 4:25? Not fair, schedule makers.  Bucs lose but show the league they are no easy out.

Week 13: Win – San Diego is old, Bucs aren’t. Victory.

Week 14: Win – New Orleans at home as the Bucs try to save a playoff spot.

Week 15: Loss – Dallas on the road. Buc’s defense shows up to keep it close but lose a close one on the road.

Week 16: Win – The Saints again, this time on the road. Okay, Bucs will take another W as they show the age of the Saints in this one.

Going into last week of season the Bucs are 9-6, fighting for a Wild Card Spot.  Who would have thought it? Well this is the time they get them… finally!

Week 17: Win – Panthers have playoff seeding locked, and nothing can change their position. Cam Newton plays only one quarter. Bucs fight until the end and pull out the W.

Finish season 10-6,  6th Seed in Playoffs!


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