The Tampa Rays next great pitcher: Brent Honeywell

The minor league baseball season kicks off today. As many of you are aware, this is as equally exciting for me as MLB Opening Day. When you cover prospects for a guy like John Sickels for the past year, Minor League Baseball is a pretty big deal.

The first prospect I took a look at entering this season is Tampa Rays Brent Honeywell. You may have heard his name this past week when he attack Bryce Harper via Twitter for his now infamous “Make Baseball Fun Again” hat. One thing is for certain, this kid has the intestinal fortitude to make it in the big leagues.

Most casual minor league fans probably know about Blake Snell. Snell caught baseball’s attention last season by not allowing a run in his first eight starts of the season and rising from Single-A to Triple-A in a single year posting a combined 1.41 ERA. The kid is good.

Snell is a lefty and is now 23-years old. If he were on any other team in baseball, he would have likely cracked the big league rotation entering the 2016 season, but he is unfortunately with the Rays. They currently have an arsenal of some of the best young arms in baseball, and — historically speaking — it’s what they have been known to do. Snell will be up sooner than later, though.

So who is next in line? That would be Brent Honeywell. Most experts consider him a Top 50 prospect in baseball, but most casual fans don’t know who he is. If there is one thing for certain, any young Rays pitcher who is gaining some notoriety is worth getting to know.

Who is Brent Honeywell?


We all know about Blake Snell by now. The kid is phenomenal and if it weren’t for Julio Urias, he would be the top lefty prospect in the game.

That’s what the Rays have become known to do. They take prospects and turn them into pretty effective big league pitchers. Take Chris Archer for example who was traded twice before his big league debut and has improved every season he has been in the bigs. David Price, James Shields, and hopefully Alex Cobb are some of the other names that come to mind.

Last season Snell was tabbed as the next great Rays’ pitcher. Hopefully we will see him pretty quickly on a big league mound this summer. If that’s the case, who is the next in line after Snell?

Brent Honeywell is certainly garnering recognition. It is rather deserving after his first two seasons in pro ball. The freshly-turned 21-year old righty was drafted in the supplemental second round of the 2014 draft and has excelled ever since.


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