MLB Opening Day is so close!!!

Opening Day is right around the corner! Fantasy Baseball starts. Home Run chases start. Pennant drives begin. WOOOOOO!

Here are two of my favorite recollections from Opening Day, a few big blast to help get you pumped up!

One of my earliest recollections of Opening Day. Darryl Strawberry was one of my childhood idols, and one of my favorite people to ever watch hit. This Opening Day, in 1988, he nearly blew the roof off of Olympic Stadium.

The Captain Derek Jeter‘s first career homer came on Opening Day of 1996. And we get a great Phil Rizzuto “Holy Cow” out of it!

An Opening Day walk off is always exciting, isn’t it? Ask Neil Walker!

How could I forget. I was there for this one (that picture is an actual link, click it to see J Hey go yard)!

Going from yesteryear to today’s stars, Bryce Harper launches not one, but two homers on Opening Day.

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