March Madness indeed: Orange keep dancing to the Final Four

Yesterday, I shared with you a piece about the bond my little girl and I have formed as we have watched Syracuse’s run. This morning I am still in utter disbelief that this run continues.

It was surreal. The Syracuse Orange were down 16 to arguably the best defensive team in the land. Malachi Richardson didn’t care. He led the charge in one of the greatest comebacks in Cuse history.

I’m still pretty speechless, so I will let the masses speak. I am proud of this team. I don’t care about adversity, I don’t care whether you hate the program or what you believe you claim to understand what Jim Boeheim “stands for”. What they did last night, after everyone said they had a “cupcake” schedule against one of the best defenses in the land was amazing.

Nunes Magician shared my piece about me and my little girl to start the day off right.

Andy Bernard got it right:

This guy earned his BA as a Blue Hen and went to Law School at Cuse. What an American, indeed:

Legendary Tweeter Drunk Cuse Fan struggled seeing after the game.


This guy knows a thing or two about National Championships… at least on the collegiate level.

Him too….

Roy vs Boeheim in the spotlight yet again:

This guy only needs one shoe:

Can’t forget about these ladies… Final Four bound as well!

He’s done this before…


And of course… the GOAT:

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