10 reasons I want the University of Houston Cougars to win the Peach Bowl (in pictures)

The Houston Cougars take on the Florida State Seminoles here in Atlanta at noon today. Let me tell you, I’m excited.

My brother and I went to Houston to see my Texans play the Bucs back in week three and with nothing really planned for the Saturday night before, we jumped in an Uber and headed to TDECU Stadium to watch the Coogs take on Texas State.

They would win 59-14 and my brother and I jumped on the bandwagon. They were explosive and fun to watch, and would have been undefeated had Greg Ward, Jr. — their exciting QB — didn’t miss a game with injury.

So here are a few reasons I want the Coogs to win… in pictures.

Honorable mention: They played in the Salad Bowl. That’s just awesome.


Winner got a lifetime supply of croutons.

10. The pregame meal was amazing.


9. David Klingler is a superstar.

Seriously. 1990: 5140 yards passing, 54 touchdowns, 146 QB Rating… in 11 games. He’s no Case Keenum who would throw for over 5,600 TWICE, but David Klingler the slinger came first.

8. TDECU Stadium is awesome.



Pretty amazing sunset to watch over the end zone, don’t you think?

7. The Cougar Sway


Don’t really understand it, but every one screamed it, so Hold Up!

6. Cowboys, cool flags, and a helmet car? No brainer.


5. By the way, how cool is the skyline in the end zone?


4. This is the symbol they throw up when the Coogs do something positive like score or sack someone.


That means something else everywhere outside of TDECU Stadium.

3. This guy.


2. This guy.


1. We got free headbands.


Am I wearing it right now? You beat your bottom dollar I am.

So say with me people:

(except for the overwhelming amount of my friends that went to FSU and read this blog. In that case, best of luck to you and keep reading.)

Have a happy and safe New Year’s Ever everyone. See ya in 2016!

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