Yesterday, the Law Dog brought you No. 20 trough No. 11 in what he deemed the best nicknames in recent sports history. You can take a refresher course by clicking right HERE. Today, he brings you the Top 10. Let me give you a hint… some of your favorites will be missing. Two of my all-time favorites are. That’s because he was trying to narrow down 1.3 billion athletes into a list of 20.

That being said, The Law Dog would love to know who you feel he forgot. Chime off in the comments, I know I will!

Ok…we’ve made it to the top ten.  I think as you read on you will realize that the NBA has the best nicknames. Also, from this point on, I’m only using nicknames.  If you don’t know who they are, I feel sorry for you.

10.  White Chocolate

Easily my favorite nickname. Is there a better compliment for a little, white dude in the NBA than White Chocolate? The guy had handle down to a science and combined it with a flash that I can only describe as insane.  I love that he plays in rec leagues and still kills it to this day (google it to check him out. It’s great).

9. The Great One

What other name do you give the best player of all time in your sport.  It’s not even a debate. My favorite stat? He has more assists (1,963) than any other player has points!  That is amazing. 92 goals in one season! Are you serious? The top 11 most points scored in a season is an easy list for the NHL. Just write Mario Lemieux down for 5th and 8th all time and the rest belong to the Great One.


8.  Broadway Joe

Here is why Broadway Joe is the man. Any other 60-year old guy blatantly hitting on a sideline reporter during Monday Night Football would come off as creepy as hell. I remember thinking, “Wow, he’s definitely drunk, but he may have a shot with Suzy”.  The guy earned his nickname on and off the field. He was Tiger Woods before Tiger, except he wasn’t married and all of his sexual escapades weren’t a secret. Roger Staubach said it best when asked about Broadway Joe: “Hey, I like the company of women just as much as Joe does, I just prefer to do it with one woman.”  Classic Roger.

7.  Sweetness

When you think of football, the last word that should come to mind is sweet. But Sweetness just so happens to be the best NFL nickname in 45 years. That includes the 47 nicknames Jon Gruden gives every player he analyzes on MNF that no one else ever heard before. “This here is Michael Vick. I call him ‘3rd Down Crusher’, because every time it’s third down he crushes it.” What?  Anyway, Walter was a soft spoken guy that could go around you, through you or over you, and Sweetness is the best way to describe him.

Seriously... is he flying?
Seriously… is he flying?

6. Dr. J

What else is there to say?  Dr. J is the epitome of a great nickname. Let me first say that Julius Erving is a great freaking name. Only a nickname as awesome as Dr. J could supplant a name like that when referencing one of the best basketball players and innovators of all time. 


5. Prime Time

I don’t know where I stand on the issue of giving yourself a nickname, but with Prime Time, I don’t care. The guy always showed up in the big game. You heard of Revis Island? Well, Prime Time had his own country. QBs didn’t throw his way….ever. I’m talking about complete games without the best receiver on your team getting a single target.  Prime Time loved the big stage and had one of the best end zone dances ever seen. Priiime Time……Priiiime Time……PRIME TIME!


4. Big Papi

This nickname is just perfect. Aside from the fact that his post season stats rival any player, Big Papi’s personality off the field is just as infectious as his clutch play on the field. Big Papi is one of the guys you want to have a beer with after the game because it would be a great time. Also, I’m almost certain he invented the helmet flip rounding third base after a walk off home run.

3. The Answer

I’m not sure there is a better nickname that applies to you as an athlete. Whatever you got….I’m The Answer.  Whatever you bring, I got The Answer. This nickname was so great, Iverson was sued by his buddy who claimed he came up with it. 

2. Magic

This wasn’t only a nickname, this was an alter ego. Ervin was the nice guy always smiling and doing right.  Magic was the guy that ripped your heart out on the court, then banged your girlfriend and her three friends after the game. Sorry Big Papi, I take it back. I’d rather hang out with Magic.

1. Air Jordan

Not much to say here. It transcends sports. It’s not even a nickname anymore. It’s a billion dollar brand. 


Honorable Mentions:

Black Mamba – I just never could get behind this nickname.

King James – too easy to make top 20.


  1. Let me add a few icky woods
    Andre bad moon rising
    Chris chandlaler
    The crime dog Fred mcgriff
    The bash brothers Cansaco
    And big mac

  2. good job ryan – as i began thinking of great nicknames, i realized there were just sooo darn many – the only way to not completely omit someone would be to do it by decade or by sport – here are some ones you blew it on: The Flyin Hawaiian, The Dunking Dutchman, Half Man Half Amazin, Never Nervous Pervis, The Admiral, Big Fundamental, The Worm, MAGIC, Megatron, Big Game James, Human Highlight Reel, Penny, Baby Jordan, THE MAILMAN, Junkyard Dog, Reign Man, Big Country, Grandmama…but good job though.

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