Nike always crushes it: Snow Day

Seriously. This may be my favorite commercial. Ever.

First of all, the two things that get me going in this commercial are the idea of a Snow Day and the music.

Living in Atlanta now, I usually laugh at what is considered a “snow day” (actually, the whole nation kinda laughed at us when that one inch of snow overtook the entire city during Snowmageddon). This takes me back to growing up in New Jersey. When we had a snow day, it was a SNOW day, and who didn’t love that?

No school. The streets covered in snow. And snow ball fights, fort building, and yes, even a football game every now and then. This commercial is just like that, but it makes these grown athletes that we have come to love seem like little kids. I feel like this commercial is The Sandlot in snow… and about football… and only two minutes long.

I love the music. It has that Ocean’s 11 feel to it, and if you know me, you know I idolize the Rat Pack. This music has cool cat Frank Sinatra/Dean Martin hanging out with James Brown-style written all over it.

Lastly, the cast is fantastic. My Gronk impression has always been: “Gronk like ball. Give Gronk ball.” This dude jumps out of bed and is so dang excited that he puts his head right through the window. Hilarity from step one.

Secondly, the lead bully is Ndamukong Suh? Are you kidding? Was this guy born to play this role or what?

And what’s the deal with these guys? What are they doing? Shady McCoy comes flying out of his house, people come flying out of cars and windows… it makes me laugh a little bit every time I watch it. Eric Weddle — the guy with the Dallas Keuchel beard — was just chilling on a roof and comes flying down at the notion of a football game. Steve Samkos may be the best. He’s the hockey player that seemingly rises from a nap in the snow. Seriously, Luke Kuechly has no room in his garage for you?

And to top it all off, Elena Della Donne is in the commercial. She was one of the sickest women’s college hoops players in the nation, and now she is a WNBA superstar. But the most important thing about her is that she was a Delaware Fighting Blue Hen. Represent.

The cast (not in order of appearance):

Rob Gronkowski

Ndamukong Suh

LeSean McCoy

Luke Kuechly

Odell Beckham Jr.

Le’Veon Bell

Eugenie Bouchard

Ben Roethlisberger

Eric Weddle

Antonio Brown

Elena Delle Donne

Marlen Esparza

Paula Findlay

Lauren Fisher

Paul George

A.J. Green

Draymond Green

Sydney Leroux

Carli Lloyd

Marcus Mariota

and Steven Stamkos.

The only two downsides to this commercial is that Sydney Leroux’s sidekick Alex Morgan isn’t in it and that the commercial ends after kick off. Can’t wait to see how this ends!

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