Sic em, Bauta and other random Friday thoughts…

The Georgia Bulldogs are making a switch this weekend in one of the oldest and most heated rivalries in sports. Tom Brady is good, and the Patriots are heading for a repeat. Turns out it doesn’t matter how little air the NFL’s best QB needs in his balls.

Heading into The Landing in Jacksonville for a matchup with the No. 11 Gators, it appears Mark Richt — who very well may be coaching for his job — is making a QB change. All I can think about is Rob Schneider in Necessary Roughness. 

Hey coach, maybe now is not the best time to make sure everybody has played. I haven’t played. You going to put me in there?

It isn’t a terrible move. The Dawgs are a running team and apparently Bauta is a running quarterback. Plus, Greyson Lambert has been less than sensational since his record setting performance. Talk about pulling the proverbial wool over Dawgs’ fans eyes. Sheesh.

Two games ago Lambert led an uninspiring attack against Tennessee, and while he threw two touchdowns and nearly 300 yards, he did it at a 15-for-32 rate. That’s 47%, and since this is COLLEGE football, that is a failing mark, folks. He improved against Missouri, but then they couldn’t get in the end zone.

Georgia is unranked. They have been unranked before in the 12 years that I have lived in Georgia, but it was for the blink of an eye. You knew it was because they played a few bad games, and a signature Mark Richt get the Georgia fans hopes up for one last glimmering second win would get them right back into the Top 25. This year, I don’t see that.

So, mixing it up isn’t a bad idea. It is coming off of a bye week, so hopefully he has had a ton of reps, although it seems most reports are saying that multiple UGA QBs are in there with the first team. If Richt pulls this off against a very good Florida team at The World’s Largest Cocktail Party, he could save his job. If he makes this switch and they get smoked, well he probably put the stamp on his resignation papers.


Tom Brady is insane. He is so insane that he probably has more pass yards this season than some of the starters in the league will finish with, particularly Ryan Mallett (yea, that guy was a starter).

He has also thrown 20 TDs to just one interception. Anyone remember that interception? It went in and out of Julian Edelman‘s hands after it looked like he broke his pinky in half. Yup, one interception, and if Edelman would have been able to take one more step, make one “football move”, it would have been a fumble. Brady would have no interceptions.

He’s totally not pissed at all about the trials and tribulations of the offseason. Way to go, Goodell.


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