Complete MLB randomness in today’s random thoughts

Some things make me laugh. Others make me scratch my head. And some things just make you go hmmmm (who’s old enough for that C and C Music Factory reference?)

Gershon Rabinowitz, part of the brain trust behind Baseball Essential, posted a funny little tidbit yesterday. And by funny, I actually mean kind of sad. Via Facebook, he pointed out that when Don Mattingly signs on in Miami he will be Giancarlo Stanton‘s EIGHTH coach since his debut 2010 season, and he added that the Kardashians even have marriage that last longer. Well played, sir.

How the heck is any team supposed to gain any stability with that kind of leadership? Who does Jeffrey Loria think he is, George Steinbrenner?

It will be interesting to see how Donnie Baseball meshes with the Marlins, the complete polar opposite of Los Angeles. He had a team full of high-paid superstars in LA that were contenders no matter who was behind the wheel. Now in Miami, he will be the lead for a team of youngsters — many whom could be part of baseball’s next wave of stars — that are dying for a winning season.

Johnny Cueto is good, huh? Most of the trade deadline winner talk was all about the Toronto Blue Jays with their huge haul led by David Price and the New York Mets landing Yoenis Cespedes. While both of those teams’ trade deadlines changed the courses of their respective seasons, I feel like not enough credit was given to what the Royals pulled off.

That’s most likely because they were already in control, but look what the Royals brought to the table. Cueto has bolstered this roatation, and although he disappointed in the ALCS after a nice ALDS, he just threw the first AL complete game in World Series play in over two decades (Jack Morris‘s 10-inning doozie was the last in 1991).

And you can’t say enough about Ben Zobrist this offseason. Actually you can: go check out Baseball References Ben Zobrist stat page. They already put the little World Series ring next to his 2015 post season stats.


Uh oh… hope that doesn’t jinx the Royals run, thus far, but it doesn’t change the fact that Zobrist has been rock solid this post season.

My friend and editor — Ricky Keeler — over at District on Deck reports that the Bud Black signing in the nation’s capital is a done deal. While some wanted Dusty Baker behind the wheel, Bud Black must be as excited as a kid in a candy shop. Can you imagine his emotions right now? Black kept a Triple-A team afloat in San Diego, and now he has big time talent at his disposal. Can he harness it or will he follow in Matt Williams footsteps and lose the clubhouse? I think he can right this sinking ship.

Toronto Blue Jays GM Alex Anthoploulos had a big year. They pulled off the aforementioned fantastic trade deadline (although let’s not forget that the prospects they gave up were pretty darn good) and led the Blue Jays to their first post season birth in 20 years. Last night, he declined his contract extension and is walking away from the club.

Huh? All that hard work to create a contender and he is walking away? There is more to this story and I can’t wait to hear it.

Speaking of more to the story, that’s the precise reason I have stayed away from the Edinson Volquez debate. Much has been made of the way the media handled the death of his father, whether the ethics behind revealing the information before Volquez himself even knew the story were right or wrong.

This is today’s media, folks. I can’t believe that it is causing a huge uprising. Of course it is completely wrong of any reporter to do so, but aside from us little guys, all of the big fish want to break the story first. It isn’t about being right or wrong (and that goes for both facts and morality), it’s about being first.

You’ll notice at Wayniac Nation — being the smaller blog we are, making sure we take every step to ensure the reliability of what we post — currently avoids breaking news stories. For one, I simply can’t compete with the CNNs, ESPNs, and CBSs (not blaming any of these for the Volquez situation, just citing some major, “credible” news sources) of the world. Secondly, I don’t have inside sources across every ball park. I want to hear the whole story, and then I make my opinion. If I’m a little late to the game, then so be it, but at least I didn’t get burned. Disagreeing with my opinion is much different than being misled.

I still want to hear Volquez’s take before we condone anyone any further. I am sure he and the Royals did in fact have an agreement to keep the news from him until he pitched, but once the big time news conglomerates got wind of this, it was inevitable that the whirlwind would ensue. And he probably was well aware of that. The surprise behind the whole ordeal is what is more astonishing.

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