Just a quick post tonight. I am sure much of the Wayniac Nation was watching, but man, you got to love what’s going on in Chicago!



Go crazy Cubs fans, you have been waiting a long time for this.


A day after the MLB mark for home runs in a single day of playoff baseball was set, the Cubs used three more home runs — including one shot by Kyle Schwarber that hasn’t landed yet and a go ahead blast into orbit by the suddenly awoken giant Anthony Rizzo — boosted the Cubs into the NLCS for the first time since 2003.

It’s amazing to me that this was the first playoff series that was clinched at Wrigley Field. I know the Cubs have been the lovable losers of the MLB for over 100 years, but Wrigley Field and its hallowed ivy walls are legendary. I can’t even imagine what is going on for those thousands of fans that are on hand to witness that this evening.

What about Joe Maddon? If there was any doubt that this guy is the best manager in baseball, it was erased tonight. No other manager could go to his bullpen and replace Trevor Cahill with Fernando Rodney and THEN bring in Clayton Richard to close out the inning. Are you kidding me? All three of those guys were kicked to the curb by their respective teams midseason, and Maddon used them effectively to win the deciding game against the St. Louis Cardinals, MLB’s only 100-win team in 2015.

What a series. Now sit back and watch Clayton Kershaw and Steven Matz in what is sure to be a great pitcher’s duel to see who’s next on the Cubbies chopping block. Man, I love the MLB Postseason!

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