J-E-T-S top Tuesday morning’s random thoughts

The 2-0 New York Jets. There’s something to wrap your mind around. What you really need to ask yourself is what is more shocking: the Jets tied for first in the AFC East or the Indianapolis Colts looking like a high school football team? Let’s start with the lowlights.

Photo credit: ESPN
Are the Colts missing this Wayniac Nation ambassador? (Photo credit: ESPN)

What is wrong in Indy?

Well, these certainly aren’t your Peyton Manning Colts. Manning would never have to play behind an offensive line as porous as the Colts currently have. The fact that they can’t establish the run is killing Luck right now as well.

I know. A lot of people will tell you, “We’ve seen this before. The Colts started 0-2 last year, we aren’t worried.” Really? If I were a Colts fan, I would be mortified right now.

Last season, the Colts lost their opener 31-24 against Manning’s Broncos in a nail biter, as Andrew Luck threw for 370 yards and two touchdowns in an inspired fourth quarter comeback that fell just short. They watched Chip Kelly work his halftime magic in game two as the Eagles came back in the second half an snatched a three point victory away from Luck and the Colts. Luck tossed three more touchdown in that game or the same amount of touchdowns he has thrown this season. Thing was Luck hadn’t already turned it over six times at this point last year.

The Colts don’t look right. Frank Gore finally looks old, but again, he can’t find a hole to run through. Andre Johnson is non existent thus far. TY Hilton and Dwayne Allen are already banged up. So, the pieces they went out and brought in to improve this team are faltering.

Unfortunately for the Colts, it looks like this team, like it always has been, is built to win the AFC South. Let me let you in on a little secret, folks, anyone can win the AFC South. The Colts are 12-0 against their division foes the past two seasons, while finishing at 10-11 against the rest of the league. That’s not a recipe for long term success.

I know what you are going to say. The Buffalo Bills and the Jets probably have the best two defenses in the NFL right now, right? So what? Andrew Luck is supposed to be the premier quarterback in the NFL, and that is supposed to at least keep the Colts competitive, which is the farthest thing they have been. They scored eight points over the first three quarters against the Bills, while being shut down in the first three against the Jets. There is no way you can have an underperforming team heading into the fourth quarter with no momentum and expect to win games. They have a combined ZERO points in the first half thus far this season.

I’m pretty sure that if you want to win a championship, the defenses will get better each week on the road to the Super Bowl called the NFL Playoffs. I am also 100% positive that — aside from the Colts — the Texans are the only AFC South team to appear in the playoffs over the last decade. Their defense is a lost cause, especially with Vontae Davis and D’Qwell Jackson leaving injured, so Luck better right this ship and do it quickly.

I love my beard, don't you? (Photo cred: NY Daily News)
I love my beard, don’t you? (Photo cred: NY Daily News)


As Dunton said last night, the New York Jets are the most improved team in football thus far in ’15. He may be right and two words will explain why:


Ok, Revis Island being back in New York probably has a larger impact than Ryan Fitzpatrick, but you can’t deny what Fitzpatrick is doing. It’s the same thing he did last season.

Fitzpatrick is the kind of quarterback the Jets need right now. He is smart and, unlike Geno Smith, won’t take ill-advised chances. Because of that, Fitzpatrick has always been a QB that thrives in a system with a few playmakers and a solid defense. I mean come on, I watched this guy throw six touchdowns in a game last season, he isn’t all that bad.

The Harvard graduate won’t win the Jets a Super Bowl this season, but with Brandon Marshall and the two-headed beast of Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell coming out of the back field, he will keep them competitive until the very end. Don’t be surprised if that defense may even help them sneak a Wild Card slot come January.

Revis has amped up this already solid defense to a new level. He recovered three turnovers last night (one pick and two fumble recoveries) as the Jets are now +8 in the turnover department. When they get the ball off of turnovers they have been unstoppable in the red zone. Capitalize on other teams errors and don’t make any of your own? That’s a recipe for success right there.

The scary thing is how much better this defense will get in two weeks when Sheldon Richardson returns from suspension. You can be sure that their two dates against Rex are already marked on the calendar, and I am sure Revis has his eyes on the red hot Tom Brady and his high flying Pats offense.

Can the Jets make a big run and be the Cinderella team this year? It will be fun to find out, what do you think Wayniacs?

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