It certainly was another wacky week in sports. Many faces changed places (hey, I’m a poet and didn’t even know it) as baseball’s Trade Deadline passed. Training camps continue to roll on in football while they enshrined some legends into Canton. The NHL actually surpassed the WNBA in their fan base this past week as well. Nah, I’m just kidding, folks, it wasn’t that wacky of a week!

Ta Ta Tampa
Ta Ta Tampa

It was like Christmas morning for MLB fans as they got to wake up on July 31 and see where Santa was dropping of new toys to all of the good boys around the league. While big time names like John Lackey and Justin Masterson changed leagues and teams, no three teams walked away bigger winners than the Detroit Tigers, Oakland As and Boston Red Sox. The Tigers seemingly had to give up no one to land one of baseball’s elite pitchers in David Price. The depth of this move is frightening. The red hot Price bolsters this starting rotation down the stretch, but it does even more for them in the playoffs. The main reason the Tigers have no World Series rings in their latest run of dominance is their bullpen, especially their closer. You know who has post season bullpen experience? That’s right — David Price. The Tigers can now roll out Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer, Anibal Sanchez and Rick Porcello in a seven game series and have Price closing out games for them. That is a scary thought.

The Oakland As did their best to secure the number one rotation in the AL and in doing so, made the Red Sox a better team as well. Stupid As. First you go out and get better than the Yankees and now you’re helping the Red Sox? I burned my Moneyball DVD following this trade, so I hope you’re happy Billy Beane. They shipped off Yoenis Cespedes to Boston to get the highly coveted Jon Lester in return. That is a tremendous addition to a rotation that was already pretty darn stout. Lester now joins the most unheralded ace in baseball in Sonny Gray, the most perplexing Cy Young candidate in Scott Kazmir and the most ridiculously hard name to spell in the history of baseball in Jeff Samardzija to form quite a staff. We have seen this all before though. The As rip through the regular season and disappear in October. It will be interesting to see how it all pans out for Beane this time around with clearly his best team in a decade.


Canton got a little bit bigger this weekend as the NFL inducted eight new members into the Hall of Fame last night. Andre Reed, Claude Humphrey, Aeneas Williams, Walter Jones, Ray Guy, Derrick Brooks, Michael Strahan and Michael Strahan’s huge gap were all made immortal with their bronze busts Saturday night. If there are two things I hate about Michael Strahan it’s that he is a former New York Giant and that he gets to sit next to Kelly Ripa everyday. Seriously, this guy is the single season sack leader, has a Super Bowl ring, is in the Hall of Fame and gets paid to sit next to this all day:

Tough life there, Mikey
Tough life there, Mikey

The two big highlights of the inductions were Ray Guy and Andre Reed. Ray Guy was shunned for a long time simply because many felt that a punter deserved no place in the Hall. This dude was so good he has an award named after him, and I have a general rule in life: if they name an award after you, you accomplished something. Ray Guy set the standard for punters, a standard that still holds today. This Guy deserves to have his bronze bust. It wasn’t so much that Andre Reed, one of the most prolific wide receivers of the early 90s, finally got into the Hall of Fame that made the day special. It was Jim Kelly, amid his fight with cancer, on hand to complete one more pass to Reed in their gold jackets during his induction. It was an amazing moment for football.

Away from Canton, the big news in training camps was that Marshawn Lynch returned to the Seahawks preseason workouts. He signed for less than he wanted to, about five million less, but at the end of the day Beast Mode won an incentive-laden contract that a ensures the more yards he eats up, the more money he gets to eat up Skittles. While the Seahawks got stronger at running back with Lynch’s return, their arch NFC West rival San Francisco 49ers continue to get weaker each day of camp. LaMichael James joined Kendall Hunter on the shelf with an injury. If the 49ers go into the season with Frank “Glass Joe” Gore as their lone option at running back, you can guarantee that crazy vein in the middle of Jim Harbaugh‘s head is going to make a weekly appearance.


The NBA suffered a huge blow this past week. In what was supposed to be a fun and exciting scrimmage of some of the league’s elite talent, tragedy struck as Paul George went down with one of the most horrific on court injuries I can remember. George was defending James Harden in the Blue and White Team USA scrimmage in Las Vegas and when he landed his leg simply snapped in two places. Reports have now verified that it is in part due to the placement of the stanchions, more commonly known as those things that support the hoop. The stanchions in the NBA are approximately two feet farther off the court than in college arenas so George was used to working with more room underneath the basket. George’s injury will sideline him for the entire season and we here at Wayniac Nation wish him a speedy recovery and hope that we see George back at it at full strength next season.

You are seriously surprised a guy dressed like this in public does coke?
You are seriously surprised a guy dressed like this in public does coke?

Lastly, in the world of golf, PGA star Dustin Johnson got caught taking enough blow to keep all of Colombia fed and clothed for the next decade. It was first reported that he had been suspended six months, but then Johnson and PGA officials verified that Johnson was taking a leave of absence and was not, in fact suspended. In a statement to the press Johnson admitted, “I don’t enjoy cocaine, I just like the smell of it.”

Another week, another wacky recap. Stay tuned, folks, as the playoff stretch is underway in baseball and preseason games are starting in football. That means only one thing: IT’S FANTASY FOOTBALL SEASON BABY!!!



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