Usually I spend quite a few minutes each week before my posts to think of a witty title for each one. I try to find something that is relevant and hopefully tickles your funny bone. This title took less time to think of than it did to type. That’s because I’m just so darn tootin’ excited!


Aside from writing and running the Wayniac Nation, I write for the Sports Illustrated affiliated Yankees’ site called Yanks Go Yard. My first article published in early February so, much like the real Yankees, I was starting my Spring Training, too. It has been an interesting ride as I went from an unexperienced blogger to a guy who would write about the prospects that no one heard of, to having my own Monday feature column called The Bronx is Boiling where I tell Yankee fans what grinds my gears about the squad, and now I head up the minor league coverage team.

I really like minor league baseball. For one, nobody knows who these kids are. You can go to any newspaper, Yankee site, or blog and find a readily available article about Jeter, Tanaka, or CC. But I get to provide you daily with information about the Charleston RiverDogs and Mike Ford. I write about the Trenton Thunder and bring you updates on Mason Williams and Tyler Austin. I watch the Tampa Yankees and get excited when Rafael De Paula blows one by more of the opposition. I also keep tabs on the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders because at the Triple A level, they have the future Baby Bombers most ready to be in pinstripes.

Courtesy of ESPN. Sadak is the one on the left labeled John Sadak.
Courtesy of ESPN. Sadak is the one on the left labeled John Sadak.

John Sadak is the RailRiders play-by-play man and watches a heck of a lot more minor league baseball than I do. That’s why it was perfect that he was my first interview on my long journey towards establishing myself in this sports writing game. Sadak is a pretty highly decorated announcer twice winning the the Delaware Sportscaster of the Year, then adding the Carolina League Announcer of the Year award 2012, and last season with the RailRiders he took home Ballpark Digests’ Broadcaster of the Year. Plus, for nearly a decade, he was the voice of my alma mater’s women’s basketball team. GO BLUE HENS!!!

When my editor at Yanks Go Yard, Billy Brost, asked if I could jump on this Q & A for him, I did not hesitate… and I’m glad I didn’t. Sadak was the perfect first interview and gave me insight as to how these should go in the future. That is, in hopes that there are many more in the future!

Enough of me. Let’s get right to it. Due to certain legalities I can only provide you with the link to my article at Yanks Go Yard, so enjoy this Q & A with John Sadak!

7 thoughts on “MY FIRST INTERVIEW!!!”

      1. I just saw this! We’re not doing so hot right now, but it’s still early in the season…hopefully I’m not saying this in September too.

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