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The NFC Beast has become the NFC Least in today’s random thoughts

That was the most despicable display of football NFL fans have had to endure in prime time in quite awhile. Five interceptions. Two lost fumbles, while four others were recovered by their own team. And the New York Giants — once one of the NFL’s rushing powerhouses — has yet to have 100 yards rushing in a single game this season. How is that even possible?

Read on to see why the fall of the NFC East is so disheartening

Drew Brees, Tom Coughlin and other Monday morning random thoughts

I have this problem when it comes to sports. When I sit there and watch a game, or many at one time as we all do on football Sundays, I stew and think of some weird stuff. I usually blurt them out, and while many people agree with my thoughts, they often come from out of nowhere. If they understood the conversation that was going on with the sports analysts in my head, people would think I was perfectly normal, but instead, I have been tabbed as weird.

So I will start putting them here. Instead of thinking about stuff waiting for my one big story, I’ll just share a few of the musings tumbling through the ol’ Wayniac’s noggin like Space Mountain (I can’t imagine there is too much light in there).

What’s on The Wayniac’s mind? Keep reading to find out!